Welcome to the internet site of our association! It aims to be very much at the service of the passionates of Michelin guides, roadmaps and other objects.
Numerous are the collectors that have already joined us, motivated by a desire and a need to group themselves so as to complete their collections, obtain relevant information, contribute their experience to others or simply to find an atmosphere of shared friendship within the association.
By joining, you can look forward to correspond, to meet, to discuss and to exchange items with collectors (of all ages, walks of life, regions or countries) that share your passion. I hope that your visit to this site will convince you too ... to join us!

Denis Rivière
A.C.G.C.M. President

Strong of an always increasing number of members, this day of nearly 300, the ACGCM is one of the only associations where Michelin "fanatics" meet the others. Every week, people join this assembly and enjoy the many advantages the members are sharing, as described on the page "Benefits".
The ACGCM is open to everyone around the world that collect Michelin's goods without commercial purposes.

As member of the ACGCM you will receive:

- A list of the members (contact information, Michelin collections, other interests),
- A three-monthly bulletin
(in french),
a mailing-list (in french) ,
The catalogues of Michelin maps and guides, realized by the Acgcm,
- Collector's fairs in different regions,
- and ... the "BOURGES MEETING" organized each year, in October, in Bourges (18). All of this in a serious but pleasant environment. For those of you who think that joining an association limits your freedom (yes, yes there are some!), I want to stress that belonging to a group like ours leaves you free to complete, exchange or transfer your documents as you wish and with the person of your choice. On the other hand you get the opportunity to get in contact with many collectors and receive much essential information on your area of interest. So, why not join us?

Denis Rivière

Translated by Geert Van Loon